Friday, 25 February 2011


So if I think about it my life goes like this / I wrote a little bit and then I started to spit / I grew up / I blew up / and now I am the shit / naw who am I kidding / I'm still just a kid / but when I spit it I feel like I am king kong / I feel like I am deadly like a mother-fucking bomb / I feel like I can take on the world - just let me at it / let me sink my teeth into your mind - attack it / I blast it / boombastic / my rhyme schemes breathe magic / they make you seem like you can reach out and grab it / they make you feel like you are Mr. Fantastic / the way I place the words in a rhythm - attractive ---

Thursday, 24 February 2011


I put the pedal to the metal ya I floor it no doubt / I'm riding through the city got my mind in my mouth /

When I Spit IT

So when I spit it / I live it / I make it my business / I gift wrap my thoughts in words and then I lift it / I shift it / I shake it / I create a space it / Rises and falls like the all knowing matrix / who knew I'd make it / you're too complacent / I stand up and spit / you sit down in the basement / I've found my basics / Cat-called my langauge / Now we're making love making hits can you taste it / I can surely taste it / Yes I can touch it / I open up my mouth and the mic provides the substance / I can't say I run this / but / I do run / I run through your mind like a kite through the sun / I rip through your flesh like a gun when I spit / You can see the wound but there is no exit...

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Death. Forever rest. Mind is a mess. I can't stress enough how I feel. Blessed. I guess. Life. Explodes into the night. I test out my wings. The pressure in flight. I bring. Excite. I breathe in the light. I exhale the darkness the spark sits tonight. The tip of my tongue. The edge of my seat. I sit crosslegged through crossed tongues I speak. The serpant in me. I slither but Eve. Stops and stares. She's staring at me. I can hardly believe. I'm not sure I see. Do I?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

through the city

hey yooooo i'm all up on it i'm rolling through the city /
got my mind over matter I know your rolling with me / I know my flow is filthy like dreams that make you wet / but please now don't you worry i'm not getting off just yet / but i'm taking off like jets / like sex that makes you fly /that makes you feel alive that lights up your sky / your dress off to the side / your eyes are locked with mine / we sigh in pefect time / the bass electrify's / creates a space of love / you breathe I breathe we hug / we speak in our own tongue / we shine we set like suns / i can't believe my eyes...

First Free

So I decided to start a blog so I can freestyle whenever I am feeling it --- right now I'm at work --- thinking about writing --- abour rapping --- about my girl ---

hey yo you know that I love her / I want to take her under covers / want to hide from the world just me and ya my lover / ya its like the summer / the beginning when you wonder / how i got so lucky / its like a spell that i am under / i hope i never wake up / cuz dreams are dreams / but some of them / they aren't / as good as they seem / but this one it really screams out at me in between / everything I've ever wanted / and everything I need / and so I dream ya I dream ya I dream dream on / ya I feel like I've found the place where I belong / her face displays the song / her hairs a blowing pslam / and when she's looking at me her eyes take me along / on a journey of life / that night / it was amazing / like nicki manaj that beat / that beat is blazing....