Thursday, 17 February 2011

First Free

So I decided to start a blog so I can freestyle whenever I am feeling it --- right now I'm at work --- thinking about writing --- abour rapping --- about my girl ---

hey yo you know that I love her / I want to take her under covers / want to hide from the world just me and ya my lover / ya its like the summer / the beginning when you wonder / how i got so lucky / its like a spell that i am under / i hope i never wake up / cuz dreams are dreams / but some of them / they aren't / as good as they seem / but this one it really screams out at me in between / everything I've ever wanted / and everything I need / and so I dream ya I dream ya I dream dream on / ya I feel like I've found the place where I belong / her face displays the song / her hairs a blowing pslam / and when she's looking at me her eyes take me along / on a journey of life / that night / it was amazing / like nicki manaj that beat / that beat is blazing....

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on starting your blog! I can't wait to read all your posts :)
    Love, L.