Thursday, 24 February 2011

When I Spit IT

So when I spit it / I live it / I make it my business / I gift wrap my thoughts in words and then I lift it / I shift it / I shake it / I create a space it / Rises and falls like the all knowing matrix / who knew I'd make it / you're too complacent / I stand up and spit / you sit down in the basement / I've found my basics / Cat-called my langauge / Now we're making love making hits can you taste it / I can surely taste it / Yes I can touch it / I open up my mouth and the mic provides the substance / I can't say I run this / but / I do run / I run through your mind like a kite through the sun / I rip through your flesh like a gun when I spit / You can see the wound but there is no exit...

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