Friday, 29 April 2011

something right now

ima tell you something right now / something right now / something right now / imma tell you some imma tell you some imma tell you some imma tell you / imma tell you something right now / something right now / something right now / imma tell you some imma tell you some imma tell you some imma tell you /

imma tell you something right now / take a second and feel my sound / let me tell you how i bring it all up / let me tell you how i break it all down / you know / that i run this town / jay z can't see my ground / i don't got it all but i'm getting it / check me out so high ya getting blit / ya / i know you are feeling this / cant get enough of the shit i spit /

i guess

its kinda like you strive for the best / but you're never gunna reach it / you try to stand tall but you're being facetious / you try to grab it all in the palm of your hand but when you make a tight fist it slips like sand / and then it all falls down and you dont know what to do / you think you're a man but you havent got a clue / what it takes / so you wait in the grass to pounce / you're like a lion and you're trying to bounce just bounce but you don't got what it takes / making mistakes /  reaching for the stars but the earth just shakes / like the bass when i blow ya i blow up the place / i shatter your mind / like spinning glass plates of time / i'm up inside of your mind and i'm never gunna not - be /

Monday, 25 April 2011


have you ever wondered why the rain brings thunder / why the sun shines after showers in the summer / why we breathe in when we should be breathing out / my minds a mess i just can't figure out / i gotta find the time to find what i'm about / i gotta feed my mind i gotta feed my mouth / i gotta see the signs at the end of the road / i feed my mind yaaa i gotta grow.... i gotta go on a journey through life i gotta look deep inside, deep inside of my mic / i gotta find the right way the right way to fall / i can't be looking left nawww not at all


ya you know that I run but I can't hide I seek but I can't find I try to overcome the heat that is inside but me I'm just too blind to see through all the signs so I just go to sleep ignore whats on my mind / I know it cannot last the pain i cannot grasp my grip it slips as i stray straight off the path i strive to be exact i'd die i've got your back but i can't find where to lie

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

another day another dollar

another day another dollar - i feel like i'm just a dog in a collar - can't figure out how to bark how to holler - how to take shots like a shot caller but maybe i'm a baller and i just don't know it - maybe i got what it takes to overthrow it - maybe i can bring the pain just like a bullet when i shoot out my mouth these words -- a locamotive when i get on the mic -- ya --  its just right -- i can take you 12 rounds deep in a fight -- i can throw my left hook as good as my right --- and when i get going imma light up your life --

Friday, 15 April 2011


yaaa its about that time to get it goin' - the blowin' of the wind excites me and i'm flowin' - rolling through the city the lights feel like an omen - as I - I sit hopin' that I'm just not an open book of words for you - I'm more than that - I speak in truths in the darkness of the black but the light shines through when I really want it to so sit back relax enjoy just what I do ----  I turn the water to wine when I rhyme up on the beat - speak in a tongue thats me / JUST me / i'm the apple on the tree the adam to the eve the summer to the breeze the air with which you breathe i'm everything in between and all of the above / i cross your T's dot your EYES with love / ya / I am the rug for your magic carpet ride / watch me... watch me fly.. as rise from the ashes i'm a phoenix and i mean it i've dreamed it i've seen it and you better believe it / cuz when I set it off you know that i'm the meanest and when i blast i attack like a two ton behemoth / can you feel it? --hey i asked you somethin' - i asked if you can feel the beat bumpin - beat jumpin -