Friday, 15 April 2011


yaaa its about that time to get it goin' - the blowin' of the wind excites me and i'm flowin' - rolling through the city the lights feel like an omen - as I - I sit hopin' that I'm just not an open book of words for you - I'm more than that - I speak in truths in the darkness of the black but the light shines through when I really want it to so sit back relax enjoy just what I do ----  I turn the water to wine when I rhyme up on the beat - speak in a tongue thats me / JUST me / i'm the apple on the tree the adam to the eve the summer to the breeze the air with which you breathe i'm everything in between and all of the above / i cross your T's dot your EYES with love / ya / I am the rug for your magic carpet ride / watch me... watch me fly.. as rise from the ashes i'm a phoenix and i mean it i've dreamed it i've seen it and you better believe it / cuz when I set it off you know that i'm the meanest and when i blast i attack like a two ton behemoth / can you feel it? --hey i asked you somethin' - i asked if you can feel the beat bumpin - beat jumpin -

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