Monday, 25 April 2011


have you ever wondered why the rain brings thunder / why the sun shines after showers in the summer / why we breathe in when we should be breathing out / my minds a mess i just can't figure out / i gotta find the time to find what i'm about / i gotta feed my mind i gotta feed my mouth / i gotta see the signs at the end of the road / i feed my mind yaaa i gotta grow.... i gotta go on a journey through life i gotta look deep inside, deep inside of my mic / i gotta find the right way the right way to fall / i can't be looking left nawww not at all


ya you know that I run but I can't hide I seek but I can't find I try to overcome the heat that is inside but me I'm just too blind to see through all the signs so I just go to sleep ignore whats on my mind / I know it cannot last the pain i cannot grasp my grip it slips as i stray straight off the path i strive to be exact i'd die i've got your back but i can't find where to lie

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