Friday, 27 May 2011


i'm lyrically incredible my rhyme schemes are edible and when you take a bite you'll see: i'm unforgettable
you know my name's forever though i probably wont last - i'll fade into the black - or run out of gas
so catch me if you can you know I'll be your man and treat you like Queen a King is how i stand -
i got acres of land in the back of my mind - i'm waiting on you - to come on inside -
so ride me like a wave for days you'll be amazed at the way that i do it your name wont be the same
cuz i'm calling on you in the smooth tongue that I talk - you'll listen for a minute - and won't want to stop -

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


hey yo i flow it ignite it i mean the page when i write it you see i'm kind of like midas
but i dont break it i ride it i mean i take it i try it and then i see whats inside its like i'm your
king i'm your highness and i can take you the highest - why dont you let go and listen - feel my words
like i'm kissin' - feel my lips when i'm spittin' and you will see what you're missin' - you're sittin' waitin' and wishin'
i'm takin' makin' a mission - you know you need this addiction i'm like a dream i'm your vision -
i got the flow in my pocket and my flow is a rocket its like its comin' right at ya like a missle a comet you know
you need it you want it - and yo you know that i got it so don't you dare try to stop it

I smash the hour glass and I grab the time /
a blast from the past when I wrote this rhyme / I can't even define the feelin'
inside but I will just say that I am one of a kind its like

Friday, 20 May 2011

Hour Glass

I smash the hour glass
I grab the time
I waste none of it.

The clock on the wall
looks me in the eyes
I must be crazy.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

a poem

The smile on your face. I count the days. In sunshine and sunrays I move through outer space. I can’t explain it but, you know I feel it. You see it in my eyes, I don’t hide, don’t conceal it. I must admit it - I’m different. You’ve never really met me. You haven’t read my mind but I know you think it’s tempting. I can tell. I can. I can tell by your eyes. I can tell by the feeling that you get when I’m inside. And not inside, but in, deep within your thoughts. I penetrate your mind, with mine, and I can’t stop. I can’t stop it. I can’t. I know that you want it. I’m honey; you’re a bee, and girl you’re all up on it. All the hottest days, they don’t compare to this. The feeling that we get in our lips when we kiss. When we dance in my mind, with my hand on your back. I slow down the time, and then, rewind it back.

Monday, 16 May 2011


hey yo i'm all up on it yaaa i'm rolling through the city / mind over matter i know you're rolling with me / i know my flow is filthy - like dreams that make you wet - baby don't you worry i'm not gettin' off just yet but i'm takin' off like jets / like sex - it makes you fly / it makes you feel alive girl it lights up your sky but don't look in my eyes or get caught in my trap - i promise you baby you better watch your step - because

got my mind over matter I know your rolling with me / I know my flow is filthy like dreams that make you wet / but please now don't you worry i'm not getting off just yet / but i'm taking off like jets / like sex that makes you fly / that makes you feel alive that lights up your sky / your dress off to the side / your eyes are locked with mine / we sigh in pefect time / the bass electrify's / creates a space of love / you breathe I breathe we hug / we speak in our own tongue / we shine we set like suns / i can't believe my eyes...

Monday, 9 May 2011

too DEEP

hey yo the poetry is talking to me why can't you see that when i get it goin' ya i'm deep like the sea and i hear it in my dreams / the voice is so strong

that i hear it in the back of my mind - its in my dreams / in the way that i speak ya i know that i'm deep


Hey yo i'm lyrically ready to come at you and attack you with the shit that i spit its like an arrow and a tattoo / cuz it hurts and it sticks  - when i get in it i get at you / man i ain't talkin' shit / but i'm the king its my statue -- ya i know what i am and i aint tryin' to be different / but when i'm on the mic i'm takin' shots like ammunition / and when i get it goin' i don't stop baby i'm driven - and i know - how to ride - how to survive up in the system - i'm not waiting or wishing im taking my mind on a mission ya you know its my time - to shine - just like a vision from signs up high but down low is where i'm at - i gotta move gotta move gotta move passed that  -