Monday, 9 May 2011


Hey yo i'm lyrically ready to come at you and attack you with the shit that i spit its like an arrow and a tattoo / cuz it hurts and it sticks  - when i get in it i get at you / man i ain't talkin' shit / but i'm the king its my statue -- ya i know what i am and i aint tryin' to be different / but when i'm on the mic i'm takin' shots like ammunition / and when i get it goin' i don't stop baby i'm driven - and i know - how to ride - how to survive up in the system - i'm not waiting or wishing im taking my mind on a mission ya you know its my time - to shine - just like a vision from signs up high but down low is where i'm at - i gotta move gotta move gotta move passed that  -

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