Wednesday, 25 May 2011


hey yo i flow it ignite it i mean the page when i write it you see i'm kind of like midas
but i dont break it i ride it i mean i take it i try it and then i see whats inside its like i'm your
king i'm your highness and i can take you the highest - why dont you let go and listen - feel my words
like i'm kissin' - feel my lips when i'm spittin' and you will see what you're missin' - you're sittin' waitin' and wishin'
i'm takin' makin' a mission - you know you need this addiction i'm like a dream i'm your vision -
i got the flow in my pocket and my flow is a rocket its like its comin' right at ya like a missle a comet you know
you need it you want it - and yo you know that i got it so don't you dare try to stop it

I smash the hour glass and I grab the time /
a blast from the past when I wrote this rhyme / I can't even define the feelin'
inside but I will just say that I am one of a kind its like

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