Wednesday, 2 March 2011

the FUN back

could somebody please bring the fun back? Like when I first started to rap? Like when I first found out that I could use my mouth as an axe? When I would chop and attack / take off that mask / reveal the face that understands where I'm at / a two-sided monster with a coin to flip / heads or tails / I never really gave a shit / I'd just spit / let out and rip / give it all I had until my throat started to split / but now i'm not blit / maybe thats it / maybe its a combination of that but the tip / of the iceberg hasn't even been cracked yet / its no longer about that casual sex / now its about making love in the moonlight / has to be so perfect that I can't even think right / its about not thinking that's the part that I like / I learn the words that I took time to write / its just like a fight / I just wanna react / I want you to hear my voice when it cracks / emotion: that is the key to rap / at least for me fuck it all fuck the cash / fuck the impenatrable wall at my back / I busted through that shit and I'm never going back / so now I just laugh / or at least i'm trying to

1 comment:

  1. I love love love love love this. Real passion ;)