Tuesday, 15 March 2011


hey yo i'm lyrically gifted i give it miricales twisted i'm not your typical misfit i'm mixed with liquid thats lifted i've written deep in your palms / i've written mountains of pslams / i've written rivers of life / that have discovered the light / no i don't bring the dark / but i supply the spark / you know i hit it hard / like i am livin' large / but wait don't stop me now / you just can't stop my sound / i'm comin' from down deep / i'll bring you to your knees /

you know i'm dreamin' i'm livin' i'm bringing people to listen i'm deep inside of your vision your eyes are my contradiction your mind is blind till i'm done / you witness the setting sun / i've shifted life like a gun / I'm spittin' straight off my tongue / i set the forest ablaze / with the shit that i spray / i  got something to say / and no i  wont be delayed / no not anymore /

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