Thursday, 10 March 2011

life 2

So if I think about it my life goes like this / I wrote a little bit and then I started to spit / I grew up / I blew up / and now I am the shit / naw who am I kidding / I'm still just a kid / but when I spit it I feel like I am king kong / I feel like I am deadly like a mother-fucking bomb / I feel like I can take on the world - just let me at it / let me sink my teeth into your mind - attack it / I blast it / boombastic / my rhyme schemes are magic / they make you seem like you can reach out and grab it / they make you feel like you are Mr. Fantastic / the way I place the words in a rhythm - attractive --- / i'm driven / combative / i'm wild like a maverick / my style is compared to the rings around saturn / so / just let me at em --- let me do my thing / let me go 12 rounds deep in the ring / let me show you how i open up and sing / like a flower that blooms in winter or spring / i bloom all year round / my smooth tongue it sounds / like new hip-hop ground / breaking through towns / i move through your mind / i control your time / i understand my life / is inside of this mic / so watch me take it apart with this shit that i spit / watch me unload my thoughts like a mother-fucking clip /

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